When it comes to silk, it is undisputedly about the softness and gentle. Silk is not manufactured; it is a real process. This process of making silk has not changed very much in the thousands of years since the silkworm’s thread was first used and it includes raising silkworms and harvesting cocoons, thread extraction, dyeing, spinning, just to name a few. The lengthy and complex silk process has not over yet until the skillful silk-farmers choose the different weaving techniques to make different silk products such as satin, tafta, organza, chiffon and brocade.

Because of its nature material, dying the silk is another important technique. Only colors that are extracted from natural leaves and fruits can make silks at its best colors yet maintaining its own luxury and elegant.

Being a natural fiber, the silk has irreplaceable uniqueness and great vitality. Silk garments are light with smooth surface, anti-ultraviolet radiation and bring the pleasant sensation despite we wear it during winter or summer time. These excellent qualities make silk everyone’s desires – owning a natural product that is “best of the best” Oriental gift.

At Diva Silk, you are assured with best products made from natural silks. We offer a wide selection of fashion products that fit to everyone and genders. Whether skirt or dress, shirt or suits, scalp or evening gown, our garments which are handed-embroidery and handed-bead, will present the best Oriental designs.

More options are also available such as linen, cotton, leather sandals, unique hand-bags that ensure to pleasure all visitors.

In order to guarantee our promise of the unique service, Diva Silk also offers the express “24 hour tailoring” that will enrich all visitors’ experience during visiting Vietnam. The garment will be tailored to meet every discerning guest’ need and request